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Every Pet is a Truly Unique Individual, and Orivet helps pet owners learn more about their pet’s special nature, behavior and specific needs. Carefully designed by veterinarians and animal care experts, Orivet’s personalized pet care programs use genetics and evidence-based medicine to help pet owners develop a genuine, deeper and lasting bond with their pet.


Orivet is available in the U.S. and more than 40 countries worldwide and provides affordable DNA testing products, which are safe, painless for pets and provide accurate results to improve pet health.

Learn About Your Pet’s Unique Traits, Health and More with DNA

Orivet’s advanced DNA testing products allow pet owners, breeders and veterinarians to better understand a pet’s specific genetic makeup and risk factors.


With Orivet, you can learn about your pet’s unique breed composition, discover specific genetic traits, identify potential health risks and receive customized recommendations to keep your pet at their healthiest.


Whether you’re interested in finally solving the mystery of your dog’s exact breed, or trying to find ways to improve their health, DNA testing from Orivet can help. Orivet offers a wide range of DNA-driven services from Breed Identification, Mixed Breed Genetic Screening and Personalized LifePlans™, which are tailor-made specifically for your dog.


Get to know your cat’s unique genetic characteristics with science-backed DNA services from Orivet. We offer a wide range of programs from Basic to Extensive Genetic Screening and Personalized LifePlans™, which are tailor-made specifically for your cat. A quick and easy cheek swab can help you better safeguard your cat’s health and improve their quality of life.

Interactive Dashboard, Valuable Insight

Easily understand your pet’s DNA testing results right from any internet-connected device. Your pet’s results are accessible via a user-friendly Health Dashboard.


Each Health Dashboard provides pet owners with a comprehensive overview of their pet’s health, and intuitive visual tools to help them easily understand the meaning of each result. Additionally, the Health Dashboard allows pet owners to automatically assess their pet’s body weight, get customized nutrition recommendations, view their pet’s Personalized LifePlan™, and much more.


Finally, With the ability to access your pet’s results from any internet-connected device, sharing with your pet’s veterinarian, is just a tap away.

Dashboard Features

Full Breed Profile

Health Risks


Personalized LifePlan™

Health Alerts

And More

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Every Pet is a Truly Unique Individual and we help pet owners learn more about their pet’s unique nature, behavior and specific needs.