Tap Tag – Smart Touch Pet Locator Tag

USD 19.95

The smart way to protect your pet – Tap Tag is the world’s best pet identification tag and utilizes both NFC and QR code technology to help you reunite with your lost pet, and more.

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The Orivet Pet TAP TAG makes it easy for anyone with a smart phone to help get your pet home. Receive an instant notification with GPS location when your pet’s tag is tapped or scanned. 


With Tap Tag, your pet’s identifying information can be accessed by tapping the front of the device or using a smart phone camera to scan the unique QR code located on its back. If your pet becomes lost, their Tap Tag can be a valuable resource for getting them home safely.


When someone finds your lost pet they can use their smart phone device and the pet’s Tap Tag to automatically prompt you that your pet has been found. The device scanning the pet’s Tap Tag can contact the pet owner (via call, text, email) and share the GPS location of their pet, as well as the contact details of the person that found the pet. Additionally, the Tap Tag will allow users to access a lost pet’s profile where they can view the pet’s medical information including potential allergies and required medications.



  • Fully waterproof
  • Never fades
  • Strong alloy metal-protection
  • No hidden activation fees
  • No monthly or yearly subscriptions
  • No batteries to charge
  • No personal details on pet tag
  • Update your pet information anytime
  • Emergency medical information
  • Safe & secure cloud server
  • 24/7 global GPS location enabled
  • Online pet profile resource allows you to receive alerts,  plan medication reminders and interface with all of your pet care providers in one location.